Climate Cafe 30th September 2023

A Climate Cafe is a space where people can come together to share their emotions about climate change in a safe and structured way. Come and join our first Café on Saturday 30th September, at 2pm in the Quaker Meeting house on Queens Road.

Do you find it difficult to cope with your feelings around climate change, and find yourself retreating into despair or denial, and the hope that maybe someone somewhere will sort it all out? Climate change is an existential threat that is very hard to cope with, but the first step is to connect to our feelings about it. This workshop is a gentle exploration of being with these difficult feelings, together, without a need to rush to action.

The session will be about an hour, followed by refreshments (and cake). It will be facilitated by Kate Graham and Joanne Cremins, based on a model developed by the Climate Psychology Alliance. Whilst we are Quakers, there is no religious aspect to the session. It is free, and everyone is welcome, though places are limited, so please book in advance at: Ilkley Quakers – Climate Cafe Tickets – Eventbrite or email Kate Graham at to reserve your place.

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